About US
WhyNotNow Athletics In Orlando, FL.

At WhyNotNow Athletics we are more than your average fitness company.
Our goal is to bring togetherness in the community and help our clients reach their full potential
any way we can. WhyNotNow Athletics serves the community and is humbled to have been apart of donating time
to Homeless Shelters, Walks for Causes, donating toys to homeless shelters, and more. Building athletes are
only a part of who we are, we also build character, work ethic, accountability, and integrity.

John Elgani

Founder and owner of WhyNotNow Athletics L.L.C. I provide boot camps for the community, elite speed, and agility training, and specialize in basketball skill development.
I have been a basketball trainer since 2014 after returning from playing college basketball in Maine.
My background and education is a degree in health coaching and specialization in human performance.
I have had the privilege to coach at Downey Christian School and have assisted with athletes at Rollins College.
I am humbled to have worked with many athletes from Elementary to International Pros and have helped many high school athletes find homes in college.
My passion and dedication to my players and their development are shown daily through workouts, watching my players’ games from the sideline, and always being a phone call away if they have questions.
In 2018, the business expanded to provide everyone in the community a place to help reach their goals through boot camp.
I pride myself on making boot camp a family-friendly environment, with a workout that is suited for whatever fitness part of your fitness journey you are on.
My love for my community is what keeps me going and striving to make boot camp a place where everyone wants to come and be apart of it. One man may not be able to change the world,
but I’m going to do my best to make it more fulfilling.

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