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Denzel Luna
Denzel Luna

With the help of WhyNotNow Athletics John has really matured my game. The training he offers puts you in game-like situations to perfect them by the time you are in the game. With the help of coach John, I have improved so
much and continue to learn and expand my game. I definitely recommend WhyNotNow if you are looking to improve your game in all aspects.

Sharif Almulla
Sharif Almulla

John Elgani is by far my favorite trainer and one of the best out there. He brought me to a level I didn’t think I could get to during my time at Rollins College. John helped me grow physically and mentally on the court.
My IQ as a basketball player was at it’s very highest when I was training with John. He is very good at studying your game individually and tailoring his workouts to what you need to improve to get you to the next level.
Words cannot express the gratitude and appreciation I have for John as my trainer!

Hutton Yenor
Hutton Yenor

John started working me out when I was a skinny junior in high school and he believed/helped me to become the player I am today. All his workouts are tailored to what you want to accomplish whether that be becoming a better
ball-handler, shooter, and/or getting in better shape, he does whatever you want/need. He pushes you to be great and truly wants to see you succeed. Great trainer, better person!

Willie Rodriguez
Willie Rodriguez
John does a great job focusing on every aspect of the game during his workouts. He also enforces game speed through out the workout. Very positive and supportive when you are having trouble doing something or if you are just starting out. Not only is he a great trainer but a better person off the court, always putting family first. Proud to call John my brother who I have known for 10 years now.
Isaiah Williams
Isaiah Williams

I just want to thank you for training my son Isaiah. He has a completely different outlook toward his commitment to basketball since he started training with you. His training sessions with you have been really meaningful
towards his development and I believe you have given him a new mindset on his performance and confidence. He is a lot more focused on his training. Thank you for your wise advice in opening his eyes to all of the opportunities
available to him and for re-energizing the passion in a smart and determined young man”

Dom Chiota
Dom Chiota
Working with John over the years has helped improve my game and get me to the college level. He cares about each individual he works with and is passionate about the game while having your best interest in mind for personal goals and aspirations.
Vernisha Andrews
Vernisha Andrews

I first met John in my sophomore year of college at Rollins. He kept telling me to get into the gym so he could change my game and I never took him seriously. Finally, my senior year came around and I got into the gym with him
, and looking back, that was the best decision I made throughout my college career. Before even getting in the gym he took the time to evaluate my game and ask what I wanted to work on and what player I wanted to become.
John took the time to work on the little things with me like my footwork and mindset. John not only helped me physically but he helped me mentally by giving me a confidence boost. He helped me get the confidence to go overseas.
Thank you for pushing me to succeed and all you have done for me. My only regret from college is not getting in the gym with you sooner! Best trainer hands down!

Rickie Feit
Rickie Feit

I’ve been going to WhyNotNow for over a year now. The workouts are always different, always exhausting, and always leave me feeling great (once they are over)! But I don’t keep going back just for the workouts,
I could probably find the workouts online or in a fitness magazine but I go for the family I have found at boot camp! I go for the friendships I’ve made, for the people that hold me accountable and make sure I keep pushing
myself to keep getting better and be my best version of myself. I go for the laughs, the stress relief, and the feeling I get after being pushed past my limits. All of that is thanks to John! He has created a little community
where we have formed these friendships! He truly cares about all of us and goes out of his way to show us that. John is always asking for feedback so he can make the workouts better for everyone. He is always changing it up or
modifying and adding in extra things so we can see improvements in areas that we want to focus on. John is an awesome trainer but honestly, he is an even better human!

Susanna Wicker
Susanna Wicker

Being apart of boot camp has not only brought about physical changes and more confidence in myself, but it has also brought me close to a community of people that I can rely on. John has fostered and creates an environment each time
during workouts that are fun, challenging, and accepting of all. I finally l look forward to working out because of the family John has built and continues to build. I never feel as if I am inadequate because John makes sure to
show that each workout can always be modified for different levels. The encouragement I receive from John and the rest of our boot camp family is what keeps me going and pushes me to reach those goals. Having the combination of
working out and a family that will never give up on me and will always be by my side, has pushed me more than I could have ever imagined. I love my boot camp family!

Nicole Lynn
I highly recommend Why Not Now Athletics. Every workout is a great workout! They motivate you and create workouts to help support your fitness goals! The guys are awesome and create an environment for all fitness levels!
Quentin Jerel

WhyNotNowAthletics makes working out fun! What I love most about them is not only do they create a beast mode workout but they make you feel like family! No matter where you are in your fitness journey I highly recommend them. They also have modifications for every fitness scenario.💪🏽 oh, and did I mention it’s only 5$??? #winning

Jomari Pijem

John with WhyNotNow is a great, knowledgeable, experienced, and motivational trainer. I love the workouts as they are never the same and keep you on your toes! We definitely work hard and have fun at the same time! I truly
recommend boot camp with WhyNotNow!

Marc Fischbein
Awesome workout! Thx!
Elba Iris Santos
This class was AWESOME!!!

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